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The Registration "Futsal" is not currently available.

2019-2020 RV Futsal League Information

Registration is open and will close on Dec 10.  If you wish to play send an email to

Dates of play 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2*, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/1**

*Games on 2/2 will end by 3:00 due to the Super Bowl

**3/1 will only be used as a makeup date

Number of games - 8 per team

Game length - 40 minutes

Age Groups - Boys and Girls u8 - u19

Cost - $515 plus referee fees

Referee Fees - $10, $20 or $25 per game per team

Locations - Gyms are located in Westampton and Eastampton

Game times - 9:00am - 7:00pm

Flexible scheduling

5 players on the floor (including the goalie)

Each team will receive a Futsal ball

We are the oldest Futsal league in NJ.  Our belief is that Futsal is a fun way for the players to stay sharp in the winter.  Futsal does wonders for player's foot skills.  Most coaches see an improvement in their team in the spring season as a result of playing Futsal.

Very often teams split their teams and create two teams.  We will do our best to have the teams play back to back.  Worst case is that the teams will have one game in between.

We can schedule around any winter activity (basketball, swimming, etc).  In order to achieve this we schedule games 2 weeks at a time.  This also allows us to move teams around in order to create good match ups with other teams.

If you have any questions, please email


Futsal Schedule Request

Use this form to request any schedule requests.

RV Futsal Points of Emphasis

Some Futsal Distinctions

  1. Soccer is a contact sport - Futsal is a LESS-CONTACT sport. The level for determining dangerous, careless, reckless, and serious foul play is tighter reflecting the safety requirements of an indoor environment.
  2. Goal Keepers may not be "rushed" - this is playing dangerously.
  3. Free Kicks and Kick-ins require that defenders give 5 yards.
  4. Kick-offs require that defenders give 10 feet.
  5. On the sixth DFK foul in a half, the fouled team is awarded a penalty kick from the second penalty spot (unless they choose to take the kick from the spot of the foul).
  6. All restarts except Kick-offs and Penalty Kicks must occur within four seconds as determined by the referee, or else the ball is turned over to the opponent.
  7. Substitutes must not enter the playing court until the substituted player has come to the bench area. All substitutions on or off must be through the designated substitution zone.
  8. Team benches must be on their defensive half of the court.
  9. Goal clearances are like goal kicks outdoors. Opponents must be outside of the penalty area, opponents must not interfere with the release, and no player may play the ball until it exits the penalty area.
  10. The goal area is identical to the penalty area (defined by the arc). Any kick inside the area awarded to the defenders may be taken anywhere on or inside the arc. An Indirect Free Kick awarded to the attackers within the area must be moved to the closest spot on the arc. A Direct Free Kick foul against the attackers results in a penalty kick.

Futsal Venues

Eastampton Community School > ECS (ECS-MAIN)

(off Woodlane Road)

1 Student Drive
Eastampton, NJ 08060

Westampton Middle School > WMS (WMS-MAIN)

(1/2 mile from I-295)

700 Rancocas Road
Westampton, NJ 08060

BCIT - Westampton

695 Woodlane Road
Westampton, NJ 08060